The William Warwick Novels

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An epic new crime thriller series by Jeffrey Archer.

This is not a detective story, but a story about a detective

William begins his career, after leaving university in 1970, as a constable on the beat. You follow the lives of William, his friends, family, colleagues and adversaries over five tumultuous decades, until William finally becomes Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in 2022, not without many setbacks along the way.

He first becomes a detective in the art squad, and through his career moves through drugs, murder, royal protection, Olympic Games security and finally counter terrorism – with several triumphs and a few disasters in between.

A backdrop of colourful characters, including his remarkable wife Beth, The Hawk, his boss, Inspector Ross Hogan, his closest friend, and often the cause and sometimes the solutions of his problems, Princess Diana, The Crown, and Miles Faulkner, a brilliant and resourceful criminal who dogs his path and chance of promotion at every opportunity.

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"A pacey tale of fakes, forgeries and ripped-off Rembrandts worthy of a TV crime caper."

"Jeffrey is the consummate storyteller and his latest novel, Nothing Ventured [is] fast-paced and thrilling, with his trademark plot twists and cliff-hangers. "

"Juicy, fast-paced read with a fabulous twist. "

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Over 100,000 5* global reader reviews

"Can’t put them down. Really good stories with unexpected twists. Can’t wait for the next one to come out."

"Was hooked on the Clifton Chronicles and now hooked on William Warwick. "

"Jeffrey Archer is amazingly talented and has such a brilliant mind! Can’t wait to start book four…"

"This is the third book in this series and as usual had me gripped from the beginning to the end."

"For me Jeffrey Archer can’t write these fast enough – having to have several months between each book is hard."

"Having read the first 2 in the series I couldn’t wait for this and was not disappointed. "

"The third William Warwick story continues the soap opera in typical Archer pace and easy prose. It is a joy to read."

"The stories just flow, so easy to read time and time again can’t wait for the next one."

"Once again another masterpiece by the genius that is Jeffrey Archer…"

"Nice to read something that manages to be suspenseful, well-crafted and simply entertaining."

"Cleverly plotted, beautifully written, with well-judged dialogue."

"I have read all of Archer’s books (some twice) and I enjoyed this one just as much as the others."

"Another superb read. I was gripped from the very first page and we were gifted with not just one storyline, but a series of high-tension events all written in his trademark breath-taking style."

"You can be sure that Jeffrey Archer’s books are going to be exciting."

"His best book yet."

"This is the best in the William Warwick series yet… the master storyteller does it again."

"A real rollercoaster from the start."

"I ended up reading NEXT IN LINE until 3am because I had to know what happened!"

"Action-packed… I flew through it."

"Unputdownable as always, from the first sentence to the last Archer has you totally glued to the pages."

"Jeffrey Archer has once more had me on the edge of my seat! Love the William Warwick character… but unfortunately, read it too quickly again as, couldn’t put it down!"

"Happy reader – he never disappoints."

"Most enjoyable and … pure escapism for me … more cosmopolitan characters and … bent coppers … and I have learnt more about art. "

"The storyteller Archer returns, and the only disappointment is that I finished the book and have to wait for the next one!"

"Loved these two new ones of William Warwick and have even ordered the next one for when it comes out – can’t wait!"

"Delighted to find a new set of chronicles by Jeffrey Archer. He is the best storyteller. "

"Was totally hooked from the first page, and really didn’t want it to end."

"Waited expectantly for this book to be released and was not disappointed. Love the character William Warwick and his interesting life."

"I was gripped from the very first page…"

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"The master storyteller is back. Number two in the William Warwick series and another brilliant, twisty, turny read."

"Jeffrey Archer is in my view the master storyteller."

"For Archer to bring the fictitious character of one of his fictitious characters to life is sheer genius!"

"Ah, it’s so fantastic to sink into a tale woven by Jeffrey Archer."

"I loved it and will await the rest of the series with impatience."

"This book is classic Archer with plenty of twists and turns and red herrings and it is all told in such a thrilling way that you simply cannot put the book down until you have read it all. A definite must read."

"Juicy, fast-paced read with a fabulous twist. "

Daily Mirror

"Jeffrey is the consummate storyteller and his latest novel, Nothing Ventured [is] fast-paced and thrilling, with his trademark plot twists and cliff-hangers. "

Daily Mail

"A pacey tale of fakes, forgeries and ripped-off Rembrandts worthy of a TV crime caper."

Daily Express

"The story is so descriptive, informative, greatly entertaining and hilarious at times."