Turn a Blind Eye

Turn a Blind Eye is the third instalment in the gripping story of Detective Inspector William Warwick, by the master storyteller and #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Clifton Chronicles.

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Synopsis for Turn a Blind Eye

Newly promoted to Detective Inspector, William Warwick is tasked with a dangerous new line of work, to go undercover and expose crime of another kind: corruption at the heart of the Metropolitan Police Force. Along with detectives Rebecca Pankhurst and Nicky Bailey, his team is focused on following Detective Jerry Summers, a young officer whose lifestyle exceeds his income. But the investigation risks being compromised when Nicky falls for Summers.

Meanwhile, notorious drug baron Assem Rashidi goes on trial, defended by Mr Booth Watson QC, while William’s father Sir Julian and sister Grace lead the prosecution case. And William’s wife Beth, now a new mother to twins, makes a surprising new friend in Christina Faulkner—the ex-wife of William’s former rival, criminal financier Miles – who has not only turned over a new leaf, but has also a new-found source of income when Faulkner dies suddenly of a heart attack and she stands to be sole inheritor of his estate.

As the undercover officers start to draw the threads together, William realizes that the corruption may go deeper still, and more of his colleagues than he first thought might be willing to turn a blind eye.

Turn A Blind Eye is the third novel in the best selling William Warwick series.


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Jeffrey Archer talks about his book Turn a Blind Eye.


"Can’t put them down. Really good stories with unexpected twists. Can’t wait for the next one to come out."

"Was hooked on the Clifton Chronicles and now hooked on William Warwick. "

"Jeffrey Archer is amazingly talented and has such a brilliant mind! Can't wait to start book four…"

"This is the third book in this series and as usual had me gripped from the beginning to the end."

"For me Jeffrey Archer can't write these fast enough - having to have several months between each book is hard."

"Having read the first 2 in the series I couldn't wait for this and was not disappointed. "

"The third William Warwick story continues the soap opera in typical Archer pace and easy prose. It is a joy to read."

"The stories just flow, so easy to read time and time again can’t wait for the next one."

"Once again another masterpiece by the genius that is Jeffrey Archer…"

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