The Jeffrey Archer Company deals with all TV and film interests related to Jeffrey Archer Books, and IP.

Jeffrey’s books have sold over 275 million copies, have had over 750,000 5* reader reviews, and have been No.1 in 17 different countries.

NEWS: Oct 2023: We thrilled to announce that Sony, Eleven and Sarah Quintrell are developing The Kane and Abel Trilogy for a new TV series. Click here for more information.



Film and TV

With Jeffrey Archer’s gripping storylines and memorable characters, his books are the perfect source material for a TV series that will captivate audiences.

From thrilling plot twists to complex characters, the books offer screenwriters, producers and filmmakers endless possibilities for creating unforgettable films and TV series.

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Jeffrey’s books are published in over 115 countries, and 52 languages & dialects.

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Story Hub

Story Hub provides access to all of Jeffrey’s short stories (95), for non-commercial short film productions, for any filmmaker, screenwriter or prodcuer globally.

All you have to do is select a short story in the form at the bottom of the StoryHub page, and sign the contract that we email to you.

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