Jeffrey talks about Hidden In Plain Sight – William Warwick 2

Jeffrey Archer talks about his book Hidden in Plain Sight, book 2 of the William Warwick novels.

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Hidden in Plain Sight

It’s been tremendous fun writing The William Warwicks, each of course a book on its own and the second one Hidden in Plain Sight.

Newly promoted William has become a detective sergeant and he’s joined the drug squad.

Not easy because he has to chase a particularly evil man on the south side of the river. Who has control of the drugs all the way from Lambeth right down to Romford. But he’s a very clever man who poses as a city businessman with a respectable company – but at night moves just a few miles down the river to become the Viper.

William has to stop him and the evil he is doing.

And with the help of his friend Ross Hogan, do they bring down the Viper?

I hope you’ll enjoy Hidden in Plain Sight.

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