Jeffrey talks about Nothing Ventured – William Warwick 1

Jeffrey Archer talks about his book Nothing Ventured, the first of the William Warwick Novels.

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Nothing Ventured

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Archer.

And when I’d finished the Clifton Chronicles, I found that many readers were interested in Harry Clifton, who was an author, and his eponymous hero in his books,

William Warwick. So I decided to start a series about William Warwick, being a young policeman and watching him go through the ranks. In the first book, Nothing Ventured, he’s a constable on the beat. But by the end of the book, he’s a detective constable.

And each book will have a subject, art history in Nothing Ventured, and a rank.

So in the second book, Hidden in Plain Sight, he’s gone become a detective sergeant.

And in the third book, a detective inspector.

And we will look, in those books, at fraud, drugs, and police protection.

And I will take him all the way through, if I live long enough, to commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

But that’s a good way off yet. Thank you.

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