Jeffrey talks about Traitors Gate – William Warwick 6

Jeffrey Archer talks about the story and his inspiration for his new book Traitors Gate.

Please read or listen to Chapter 1 of Traitors Gate for free.


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Jeffrey Archer on his new book Traitors Gate

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Archer, and I’d like to tell you all about my new novel, Traitors Gate.

William Warwick and Ross Hogan are back. And if you thought they had troubles in the past, it’s nothing compared to what they’re facing now.

They’ve been charged with the country’s most secret operation transporting the crown jewels across London. But master criminal Miles Faulkner is lurking in the shadows, and he’s determined to pull off the most outrageous theft in history.

And with a man on the inside, the odds are in his favor. Warwick and Hogan have just 24 hours to stop the crime of the century. The race against time is about to begin. I do hope you’ll enjoy Traitor’s Gate, available to order now in books, shops and online.


Please read Chapter 1 of Traitors Gate for free

Please listen to Chapter 1 of Traitors Gate for free

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