The Fourth Estate

Based on Maxwell and Murdoch, The Fourth Estate is the story of two men who, though they come from totally different backgrounds, stand face-to-face on the highest precipice, prepared to risk everything to beat each other and control the biggest media empire in the world.

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Synopsis for The Fourth Estate

Lubji Hoch survived World War II on luck, guts, and ruthlessness. At the war’s end, renamed Richard Armstrong, he buys a floundering newspaper in Berlin and deviously puts his competitors out of business. But it isn’t enough. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Keith Townsend, the Oxford-educated son of a millionaire newspaper owner, takes over his family’s business. His energy and brilliant strategic thinking quickly make him the leading newspaper publisher in Australia. Still, he longs to move on to the world stage.

As both Armstrong and Townsend seize control of everything they see, their ambitions collide on a global scale. But suddenly they both find themselves threatened by financial disaster and enormous debt. Frantic to save his crumbling empire, each man turns desperate.

Interesting fact

Jeffrey often bases his protagonists on real people. In this instance, the rival newspaper magnates were modelled on the late Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch.


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Jeffrey talks about The Fourth Estate.


"The pace is so fast you just can't put the book down."

"Once again Jeffrey Archer never lets you down."

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"Without being a slavish fan, I haven’t read a book I didn’t like."

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"Another good read from Jeffrey Archer. He does have a way of keeping you guessing right to the end."

"This is another one of Jeffrey Archer’s great books."

" I really enjoyed this book, it was well written and gave a good insight into the newspaper industry."

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