Jeffrey talks about The Kane and Abel Trilogy

Jeffrey Archer talks about the Kane and Abel Trilogy.

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The Kane and Abel Trilogy

Hi, my name’s Jeffrey Archer and I wrote a book over 40 years ago that was to change my whole life, Kane and Abel. The story of two men born on the same day, one with everything, born in a hospital in Boston, the other, Abel, with nothing, born in a forest in Poland.

They actually only meet once in their life, but that meeting changes their whole life. And you can find out how in Kane and Abel.

But at the end of the book, we come on to The Prodigal Daughter, because Kane’s son, William, marries Abel’s daughter, Florentina.

Now, she is a girl with the same energy, the same ambition, but with a difference.

Her father has made sure she has a first-class education. And she decides she wants to go into politics and you watch her rise right through Congress, the Senate, until she decides to stand for President of the United States.

She wants to be the first woman President of the United States. That’s book two, The Prodigal Daughter.

And in book three, Shall We Tell the President, we see one week in the life of Florentina.

But they’re not telling her what’s happening behind her back, because the FBI fear that someone wants to kill her. And this is not just an ordinary threat. They’ve no doubt this is serious.

So they have to decide, Shall We Tell the President, which is book three, in The Kane and Abel Trilogy.

I hope you enjoy them.

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