Ross Hogan

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Ross Hogan

Ross didn’t always keep to the letter of the law and on more than one occasion had stepped over the line and had to face the consequences. His natural charm and good looks regularly got him off the hook with his female colleagues and, in truth, the Hawk cut him far more slack than he did with any other officer. However, William could only wonder when Ross would go one step too far and he would find there was nothing he could do to help him.

Job done for another year,’ said William as he climbed back into the car, tapped Danny on the shoulder and added, ‘Back to the Yard.’

‘What did the Governor want?’ asked Ross as they drove over the middle drawbridge, out of the rear entrance of the Tower and onto St Katharine’s Way, where they were held up at the first set of traffic lights.

‘General Stanley told me he retires at the end of the year and wondered if the children, including Jojo, would like to visit the Tower as his guests,’ said William, not voicing any other sentiments the Resident Governor may have expressed.

‘So what’s next for us?’

‘The commander assures me he has something a bit special to get our teeth into but refused to divulge any details until the Crown Jewels were safely back in the Tower.’

‘Now that he’s back in England,’ said Ross, ‘let’s hope “special” includes going after Miles Faulkner again. I’ve still got a couple of scores to settle with that man.’


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