An Eye For An Eye

In one of the most luxurious cities on earth, a billion-dollar deal is about to go badly wrong. A lavish night out is about to end in murder. And the British government is about to be plunged into crisis.

Thousands of miles away, in the leafy Berkshire countryside, Lord Hartley, the latest in a line of peers going back over two hundred years, lies dying. But his will triggers an inheritance with explosive consequences.

Two deaths. Continents apart. Completely unrelated.

So why are they at the centre of a master criminal’s plot for revenge?

And can Scotland Yard’s Chief Superintendent William Warwick uncover the truth before an innocent man’s life and legacy are destroyed?




Jeffrey talks about his exciting new William Warwick adventure, An Eye For An Eye.

"Each tale kept me gripped until the end, he truly is a brilliant storyteller."

"This is the second collection of short stories that I have read by Jeffrey Archer and thoroughly enjoyed them."

"I kept thinking that I knew how it would end, but each scenario I came up with were blown out of the water, the ending was just magnificent."

"It becomes more and more difficult to find another author possessing the same remarkable skills."

"It is always a joy to return to Jeffrey Archer because you're guaranteed an excellent story page after page and, in this case, twelve stories!"

"Typical Jeffrey Archer, witty, full of suspense and easy, joyful reading!"

"The stories are interesting, original, and well written. I thoroughly enjoyed them."

"The term Master Storyteller is perhaps overused but in this case, Jeffrey Archer earns the moniker."

"If you’re looking for some excellent short stories, look up Jeffrey Archer."

"Who doesn’t love a good short story? There are plenty of twists and turns and plenty of excitement to keep us engaged!"

"This is a book my son absolutely adored and I would read it to him every night before bed. "

"On the look out for the other Willy adventure and By Royal Appointment - the other children's books by this master storyteller."

"I for one will recommend the same for my daughter."

"A fun read."

"Can’t put them down. Really good stories with unexpected twists. Can’t wait for the next one to come out."

"Was hooked on the Clifton Chronicles and now hooked on William Warwick. "

"Jeffrey Archer is amazingly talented and has such a brilliant mind! Can't wait to start book four…"

"This is the third book in this series and as usual had me gripped from the beginning to the end."

"For me Jeffrey Archer can't write these fast enough - having to have several months between each book is hard."

"Having read the first 2 in the series I couldn't wait for this and was not disappointed. "

"The third William Warwick story continues the soap opera in typical Archer pace and easy prose. It is a joy to read."

"The stories just flow, so easy to read time and time again can’t wait for the next one."

"Once again another masterpiece by the genius that is Jeffrey Archer…"

"He is addictive - particularly good at twists in the short stories."

"Never read any of his short stories before, but hooked! Varied and absorbing, great stuff!"

"Does it need saying again? An amazing storyteller, the best!"

"If you've never read anything by Jeffrey Archer, give these a try."

"I found the same pleasure in reading these that I did in reading his novels. They are well written, with unseen plot twists that grab you when least expected."

"Brilliant stories, sorry when each one finished but then turn the page and there is another one just as good. He is a great storyteller."

"Man, can Archer spin a tale."

Los Angeles Times

"The Chronicles would make a terrific drama series for TV. Thank you Mr Archer."

"I have read The Chronicles from the beginning and thoroughly enjoyed my journey."

"Archer never fails to capture the readers’ interest. How I managed to forget he is such a good writer is beyond me. Can't wait to get to the next book."

"Jeffrey Archer is a very easy author to read, and I was captivated from the first page. I look forward to the rest of the Clifton Chronicles."

"It’s a long time since I enjoyed a book as much as I have enjoyed the first two of this series."

"Again another page turner from Jeffrey Archer with a cliffhanger that makes the reader want to find out what happens in the next book. "

"If you love novels and reading and great twists and turns, then I would highly recommend JA's books to get your teeth stuck into."

"This is the second book in the Clifton Chronicles, in every way just as good as the first one. "

"The story is brilliant, but most of all it's the way he has written them."

" Loved, loved, loved this second instalment of Archer’s Clifton Chronicles."

"If you are new to his short stories then it is a delightful read."

"Jeffrey Archer never disappoints. This was a great collection of short stories that kept my attention until the very end."

"Based on this book, I will definitely be reading more short stories from this author."

"I am not even halfway through this book but have thoroughly enjoyed each short story so far and am looking forward to reading the rest."

"Jeffrey Archer is one of my favourite authors. "

"Short stories by a master writer - each story is a gem in itself."

"This would be a great holiday book."

"Loved these short stories. "

"Amazingly written, fast-paced, filled with surprise moments, you almost feel inside a movie at every page you turn."

"The Prodigal Daughter sends shivers up my back each time I've read it."

"I laughed. I cried. I got apoplectic. This book had EVERYTHING!"

"Brilliant, brilliant. Jeffrey Archer strikes again!"

"I love Jeffrey Archer’s books and this one was no exception. Once I started I couldn't put this down. Really enjoyable I highly recommend."

"Jeffrey Archer is truly a master storyteller and this novel is right up there with his best."

"The Prodigal Daughter, the second in the Kane & Abel series, does not disappoint."

"The stories are always interesting and you really don't want to put the books down once you start reading them."

"I haven't read any of Jeffrey Archer's books that weren't enjoyable. They are always full of great characters that really come to life, so you feel as though you know them. "

"I must have read this book more than 5 times! I was hooked from the beginning until the end."

"A superb sequel to Kane and Abel... Once again, I could not put this down until I know what happened."

"I love Jeffrey Archer but in this collection of short stories he has surpassed himself."

"A fabulous collection of short stories each a different tale with a great surprise ending. "

"Fantastic short reads and great value to have them collected together in one volume."

"Always enjoy Jeffrey Archer and this collection of short stories are up to his usual standard, keep you guessing until the end."

"There’s a tiny little story tucked in the first few pages as you open the book which had me hooked immediately."

"I cannot recommend this book highly enough."

"Stylish, witty and constantly entertaining . . . Jeffrey Archer has a natural aptitude for short stories."

The Times

"I share with you the hope that it may lead many more people to turn to the four Gospels and to present a compassionate Jesus."

Denis J Hart, Archbishop of Melbourne

"I am writing to both of you together to offer my congratulations for the work that you are doing, and which should do a great deal of good."

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, Archbishop emeritus of Milan and former rector of the Pontifical Biblical Institute

"Riveting and plausible. "

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"I have read it and like it very much indeed! "

Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury

"The very name of ‘Judas’ raises among Christians an instinctive reaction of criticism and condemnation… The betrayal of Judas remains… a mystery. "

Pope Benedict XVI, October 2006

"The pace is so fast you just can't put the book down."

"Once again Jeffrey Archer never lets you down."

"Jeffrey Archer books always have me hooked."

"Without being a slavish fan, I haven’t read a book I didn’t like."

"Brilliant as ever. So easily readable and wow does this author know a thing or two about research."

"Archer’s dramatization of real characters and events adds to the credibility of this outstanding novel - very difficult to put down."

"Another good read from Jeffrey Archer. He does have a way of keeping you guessing right to the end."

"This is another one of Jeffrey Archer’s great books."

" I really enjoyed this book, it was well written and gave a good insight into the newspaper industry."

"This book is a roller coaster ride of emotions from the master storyteller."

"Loved this book from the first page."

"Wow...this would definitely make for an awesome movie!"

"The 11th Commandment was an excellent book, full of twists and turns, and great characters."

"The Eleventh Commandment grips from the beginning and holds interest all the way through to the end."

"Another hard to put down book with a plot that makes the characters come to life and would make a good film."

"Absolutely brilliant. Such an intriguing story, with lots of twists and turns…"

"The Eleventh Commandment is a compelling and engaging read."

"I was riveted to my chair and read it in 2 sittings. All work was abandoned. One of Archers best I think."

"Just finished this book. I couldn't put it down - literally. I think it’s probably the most exciting book I have ever read in my pretty long life."

"Jeffrey Archer is a superb writer, especially with short stories."

"Excellent book some of these stories have stayed with me some years later."

"Whatever Archer writes is amazing. Definitely an excellent purchase that will keep you busy for quite a while."

"I really like this book! So many different stories!"

"Jeffrey Archer is in a league of his own and his sales worldwide prove it."

"Some excellent tales and an easy and enjoyable read. "

"Been reading Jeffrey Archer for over 30 years and he never fails to amaze and delight me."

"Somerset Maugham never penned anything so swift or urbanely witty as this. "

Publishers Weekly

"Outstanding… White-knuckled suspense and witty denouements. "

Daily News Express

"Natural born storyteller. Fantastic short stories that just keep you turning the pages. I’ve read more of his books than any other author."

"Bravo Mr Archer. Brilliant book (as always)."

"The master storyteller does not fail with this collection of stories."

"He is the master of the short story with a twist."

"Happy reading! Entertainment is guaranteed- Jeffrey Archer is a genius storyteller!"

"Extremely entertaining and ample of twists and turns. Quick to read and engaging as always."

"One of the best short stories collections. It had been a few months since I read any Jeffrey Archer's books. Reading his new collection was a treat to my mind."

"A collage of 13 intriguing and intelligent plots, Tell Tale reminds the reader to come out of the box."

"Total page turner and has classic Archer twists to keep you guessing."

"I am an avid reader, and this author is now on my favourite list."

"This book Sons of Fortune made excellent reading, a truly remarkable story and brilliantly written by Jeffrey Archer."

"I found this one particularly good - great characters, wonderful story. Very well worth the purchase."

"Once again brilliant storytelling, I find it almost impossible to put down any of his novels once started, reading well into the night."

"A great story as always. If you have never read any of Jeffrey Archers books you need to start now as you are really missing out. Absolutely brilliant."

"Jeffrey Archer is a terrific storyteller, I’ve not yet read one of his books without being totally satisfied."

"What a cracking read. Sons of Fortune is the first Jeffrey Archer novel I have read. I was not disappointed and found it to be an excellent thriller."

"What a read. Really hard to put down as the story twisted and turned with almost every page."

"This is the best fiction-nonfiction book EVER."

"This was a wonderful read, totally engrossing, inspiring and beautifully written. I could not put it down, I absolutely loved it. A huge 5* from me."

"It was gripping and ridiculously inspiring. A fantastic story of man who I wish I could have known myself. Well worth 5 stars."

"I cannot fault the writing of Jeffrey Archer, he takes you on a rollercoaster ride…"

"Another excellent Jeffrey Archer novel, based on a true story, but having all the interest of a thriller. "

"A masterpiece by JA. Enough said."

"I simply cannot recommend this book too highly. Buy it - and read it if you wish to be inspired."

"His ability to create such a work as 'Paths of Glory' demonstrates his genius as a storyteller."

"For me, Jeffrey Archer's novel is a truly outstanding piece of work."

"What can I say another masterpiece from the greatest storyteller."

"In my opinion the best book of the William Warwick series so far."

"I’m a big Jeffrey Archer fan, have been for decades and for me, he never fails to entertain, surely one of the best ever authors of all time…"

"The twists and turns made the book unputdownable and eagerly waiting for the next instalment."

"Archer can tell a darned good yarn."

"I devoured it in a day."

"Now I know why his books are so popular."

"This is the first Jeffrey Archer book I have read and now I am a convert."

"If I could give this six stars, I would."

"Shocking twists that keep you on the edge of your seat. Bring on the next one."

"A gripping sequel that leaves one breathless."

"Unputdownable does not do this book justice."

"I read it in one day. Jeffrey Archer is the master storyteller."

"You've probably already read people saying that Jeffrey is a great storyteller and it's true."

"This is the first Jeffrey Archer book I've read and all I can say is that it is a superb read. "

"I've now finished that and have ordered the complete series, brilliant read but addictive."

"Having finished the first book I shall happily look forward to the rest of the Chronicles and many happy reading hours ahead."

"From the very outset I was completely taken into the story and the characters."

"I was hooked from the opening pages and immediately downloaded all the other books in the series!"

"I have only praise and worship for Jeffrey Archer, for this moving first volume of the Clifton Chronicles."

"What an excellent beginning to a wonderful adventure."

"Jeffrey Archer hits it out of the park with this epic tale of a young boy trying, with the help of his friends and family, to make his life something no less than extraordinary."

"Don't know why it has taken me so long to start reading these books, but now I have I can't stop."

"Nice to read something that manages to be suspenseful, well-crafted and simply entertaining."

"Cleverly plotted, beautifully written, with well-judged dialogue."

"I have read all of Archer’s books (some twice) and I enjoyed this one just as much as the others."

"Another superb read. I was gripped from the very first page and we were gifted with not just one storyline, but a series of high-tension events all written in his trademark breath-taking style."

"You can be sure that Jeffrey Archer’s books are going to be exciting."

"His best book yet."

"This is the best in the William Warwick series yet... the master storyteller does it again."

"A real rollercoaster from the start."

"I ended up reading NEXT IN LINE until 3am because I had to know what happened!"

"Action-packed… I flew through it."

"Unputdownable as always, from the first sentence to the last Archer has you totally glued to the pages."

"Well done Jeffrey Archer, a great talent for storytelling. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

"Oh my goodness, I cannot wait for the next book in this magnificent series. This would make a great television drama. "

"Perfect combination of drama and thrills."

"How is this not a movie - every scene a classic."

"Yet another very exciting book by Jeffrey Archer with the usual twists. Very difficult to put down. A must read."

"The twists and turns of the story are gripping, always keeping you wondering if you have worked out what's going to happen."

"A splendid book, absolute page turner from beginning to end from the master storyteller."

"A great book makes you want to find more spare time to read it. I have yet to be disappointed with an Archer novel."

"Jeffrey Archer is a great storyteller and I enjoy his style of writing."

"Thoroughly enjoyed this book. A good thriller which captured my imagination and held my interest from the first page right through to the last page."

"This was another foray into America and what a good job he does. The story has twists and turns as you expect of a JA novel."

"Jeffrey Archer has once more had me on the edge of my seat! Love the William Warwick character… but unfortunately, read it too quickly again as, couldn't put it down!"

"Happy reader - he never disappoints."

"Most enjoyable and ... pure escapism for me ... more cosmopolitan characters and ... bent coppers ... and I have learnt more about art. "

"The storyteller Archer returns, and the only disappointment is that I finished the book and have to wait for the next one!"

"Loved these two new ones of William Warwick and have even ordered the next one for when it comes out - can't wait!"

"Delighted to find a new set of chronicles by Jeffrey Archer. He is the best storyteller. "

"Was totally hooked from the first page, and really didn't want it to end."

"Waited expectantly for this book to be released and was not disappointed. Love the character William Warwick and his interesting life."

"The characterization, the story, the plot, the narration, everything was awesome."

"I am never disappointed by Jeffrey Archer - and you won't be either."

"Again another brilliant book from an iconic author. Have read all his books to date. Well done again."

"This book is quite possibly Jeffrey Archer's best yet. Just a fabulous read, page turner. A must for Jeffrey Archer fans and new readers alike."

"Mr Archer thank you once again for another masterpiece keep them coming you are truly the best storyteller of all time. Absolutely loved it."

"Well, what can I say I downloaded this this AM on my Kindle and end of day its finished - I could not put it down."

"From the beginning, one is aware that they are in the hands of an author who has perfected his craft."

"Wow! The last sentence in ‘Heads You Win’ was akin to a slap across the face."

"A page-turner with a memorable twist that made me shout out loud. "

The Daily Mail

"Typical Jeffrey. Very difficult to put this book down as he keeps you turning the pages to see what happens next. Great read."

"His plots are so well thought out and the surprises keep coming throughout the book. The endings are profound and surprising."

"Jeffrey Archer grabs his reader from the first page, yet again."

"A razzle-dazzle fictional turn… engaging… pertinent and compelling. "

The Washington Times Magazine

"Archer invests his novels with drama, irony and suspense — First Among Equals is no exception… fascinating. "

The Boston Herald

"Top-flight entertainment. "

United Press International

"All the elements that make for a great commercial fiction: ambition, lust, greed, duplicity… a whale of a tale."


"Archer receives his usual high marks for readability and gives his novel a pleasing sense of substance."

Publishers Weekly

"Once you start reading a Jeffrey Archer book, you cannot put it down."

"Fast paced, exciting, with an interesting plot and great characters. Loved it. Highly recommended."

"Jeffrey Archer is a master storyteller. I have really enjoyed everything I've read from him and this was no exception!"

"A good story that kept me interested through the entire book and plenty of twists and turns within. A very enjoyable read."

"Archer has done it again!"

"An exciting and unputdownable book which I read in 2 straight sessions."

"Another Archer exceptional story. Fast-paced, exciting. "

"It contains some of the most exciting scenes I have read recently, and combines action, drama and cleverness to make a most satisfying read."

"All in all it was a brilliant read."

"A highly recommended book as with all Jeffrey Archer's books. He is a naturally gifted and outstanding storyteller."

"There are so many twists and turns to keep the reader on the edge of their seat and as with all Jeffrey Archer’s books plenty of surprises."

"Jeffrey Archer still has the reader turning page after page to find out what is going to happen next - the sign of a brilliant writer…"

"I'll certainly be sorry to finish this wonderful saga as it has provided me with so much enjoyment over the past few weeks."

"I would love to see this series of books made into a TV series - I think it would make very good viewing."

"I promise you that you will be enmeshed in the story telling and will be happy that you have read The Clifton Chronicles."

"I have come to the conclusion that Jeffrey Archer is one of the best storytellers and authors around."

"I didn't want to finish this book because I wanted it to last as long as I could drag it out."

"The sixth book in The Clifton Chronicles does not disappoint. Each chapter has you reading ‘just another chapter’."

"Gripping tales that hold your interest and keep you wondering how they're going to end."

"Good short stories written by a top story writer."

"Jeffrey Archer's books are always brilliant! Unputdownable stories!!"

"Love Jeffrey's short stories, always an interesting twist to them, which is, after all, the essence of them."

"Nine different journeys all worth taking. You will be glad that you took the time."

"I love short stories. Jeffrey Archer must love his job."

"These stories are really fabulous."

"I loved it … it’s much more than a courtroom drama. It’s a compelling love story and it’s got the lot – laughter, tears and tension …"

"This book is just as good as the first two and proves what a good writer Jeffrey Archer is."

"I am absolutely hooked on the Clifton Chronicles and cannot recommend them too highly."

"This Clifton Chronicles series is brilliant."

"Jeffrey Archer has become one of my favourite authors, his books grip you from page one until the end."

"Would love these books to be made into a film or a TV series. "

"I read the whole series in less than a week, just couldn't put my Kindle down."

"It should really be made into a series which spans the years from when we first meet Harry Clifton and Giles Barrington and their families."

"Jeffrey Archer is a storyteller second to none."

"The third book in the amazing Clifton Chronicles. Jeffrey Archer never disappoints, he is a master storyteller. "

"Another Jeffrey Archer page turner!"

"I actually felt bereft when I'd finished Be Careful What You Wish For, the fourth book in Archer's Barrington family saga. Quite frankly it's another epic read."

"This series has exceeded my expectations in every way."

"As to be expected from a master storyteller, the books are incredibly well written with just the right amount of detail, just the right amount of suspense all served up with well written, flowing prose."

"The Clifton Chronicles have become an addictive 'must read' series."

"Despite it being 1am when I finished this, I jumped out of bed and grabbed the next volume - Mightier than the Sword - as I just had to know the outcome…"

"I have always loved Jeffrey Archer books and this series is one of my favourites. Can't wait to read the last in the series…"

"I started to read something else, and realized I literally MISSED Archer's characters. "

"I have now read little else than this entire series."

"Sometimes you read a book so special that you want to carry it around with you for months after you've finished just to stay near it."

"Great! Sometimes, after reading a good book, I wonder what it would be like to see it as a movie or on TV. This was one of those books."

"It has a bit of everything and is powerfully evocative. Highly recommended."

"Archer has a talent for keeping one on the edge of one's seat. A master storyteller!"

"As usual a book from Jeffrey Archer which I found impossible to put down."

"Jeffrey Archer is quite simply a brilliant storyteller. Would recommend wholeheartedly."

"Once I started reading I found it almost impossible to put down. "

"The joy in this novel is in the story telling -- all 600 pages of it devoted to draw you into the richness of the characters as they are woven into this saga spanning decades."

"Jeffrey Archer is a fantastic author and deserves his now international reputation. I always look forward to a new book from him as I know it is going to be special."

"He has a wonderful way of writing that puts you into the book immediately. Very realistic."

"Another fantastic read from the pen of Jeffrey Archer. "

"As usual a good selection of Jeffrey Archer magic for when reading time is limited."

"What I have come to expect from a master storyteller, excellent stories well researched and written."

"A book of brilliant and very different short stories to be enjoyed by men and women alike."

"Very crafty writing."

"His short stories are always delightful in that they leave a smile on your face with their twists and turns."

"I basically LOVE everything that Jeffrey Archer writes!"

"These are really clever short stories with unexpected endings."

"I really enjoyed these, all brilliantly written as usual by this amazing author."

"Again, another Jeffrey Archer I could not put down - even sacrificed some time reading one of the series of 'The Clifton Chronicles' so I could read this!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed them all."

"Exceptional writing style which kept me reading the short stories until their conclusions."

"This book of short stories really showcases Jeffrey Archer's writing talent brilliantly."

"Each of these stories has a little twist that makes the story a little more (or less) than it first appeared."

"Archer writes wonderful short stories and this book is no exception. "

"They're brilliant."

"Wonderful collection of short stories penned by the maestro."

"This book is another gem and I recommend it, it is highly entertaining!"

"Jeffrey writes extremely well and gives full value for money in this book right up until the last page."

"Lovely collection of stories - brilliantly written by a very talented author in my opinion."

"I hope there are many more books inside JA, as I am truly addicted, I'm not reading anyone else's books until I have read them all... so I hope there are plenty more to come!"

"The author is surely a seasoned short story writer."

"I loved the book. It is a collection of twelve short, fabulous stories. "

"Amusing … poignant."

The New York Times

"Exciting … Archer offers versatility, laughter, inventive plotting and a gift for characterization. "

Baltimore Sun

"It would twist so fast that I couldn’t help shouting - sometimes to no one - Wow! "

"You know the feeling when you begin a book and instantly know it's going to be an absolutely amazing read. A Prisoner of Birth is definitely one of those books."

"Prisoner of Birth is I think one of his best. The twists and turns along the way are so cleverly executed, a truly gifted writer."

"In my opinion one of the best books from this author, he is such a gifted writer. "

"It is the perfect example of how a story should be told! If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. Highly recommend!"

"I highly recommend this book… it would make a brilliant suspense movie."

"I could not put this book absolute masterpiece. Jeffrey is an absolute genius."

"...he is foremost a STORYTELLER with the innate, almost intuitive, manner of weaving believable characters, relatable dialogue, and most importantly, outstanding plots."

"This is my first book from Jeffrey Archer, and I have absolutely loved it, the man is a genius. A must read."

"A gripping read. It gives an all too clear picture of prison life which sounds truly diabolical and the differing attitudes to someone like the author."

"Loved this book even more than the first diary. "

"An incredible eye opener to what life really is like in prison as opposed to what we see in films and TV."

"Firstly, Jeffrey Archer is a natural storyteller. Start with volume 1 and go through the three, once started I could not move away from these stories."

"This, the second volume of Archer’s prison diaries, makes for fascinating reading. "

"The insight into the idiosyncrasies and foibles (and sometimes, downright sheer idiocy) of the British prison system is very amusing. "

"Pack it in your hand luggage next time you go on holiday, and the flight will pass in a flash!"

"As always, Archer’s writing style flows with a freedom that makes the book hard to put down."

"It's excellent, I've now read volume two and am about to start the last one in the series, and I'm not disappointed."

"Brilliantly written book. I found it absolutely fascinating. "

"This book was brilliantly written describing daily prison life, the emotion and shock at his sentence, the relationships he built up with fellow prisoners and the empathy shown to certain individuals."

"I love the writing of JA and have read several of his books. This story is clear, concise, frighteningly funny at times and horrifically sad at others. Brilliant storytelling."

"When I finished this book I immediately bought the next one, which follows on. I shall also buy the third one. "

"This is an illuminating insight into prison life and well worth reading."

"Thank you, Mr. Archer, for this insight. I wanted to continue with the sequel right away..."

"Jeffrey Archer has a happy knack of writing about an apparently boring subject in a very interesting way."

"Never read a bad Jeffrey Archer book yet! This series is no exception…"

"Excellent series of books. A vivid but considered view into prison life."

"The routine of my retired life was put to one side until I had finished all three."

"These three prison books had me completely hooked."

"I have read all three books of Jeffrey Archer’s prison diaries and found them compelling reading. Such an insight into prison life, such an eye opener."

"Brilliant, I was sad to see this trilogy end."

"Well done Jeffrey, out of sorrow has come some kind of good in that you have enlightened us on the outside as to what goes on inside."

"Enjoyed this account of life in prison so much, I ordered the first book."

"Sizzles along at a pace that would peel the paint off a spaceship."

The New York Times Book Review

"Jeffrey Archer has written the equivalent of an Alfred Hitchcock movie."

Baltimore Sun

"A wild, no-hold-barred slam-bang, pell-mell international thriller."

Buffalo News

"I've just finished it and feel suitably drained by the continual suspense."

"Archer has finely crafted action scenes, as well as the build up to the "dramatic conclusion" that keeps you on the edge of your seat."

"Love the fact that when I buy an Archer book, I am able to read it at night until my eyelids get droopy and know that when I pick it up the next night, I will be looking forward to the next nail-biter chapters . . . until my eyes droop!!"

"Another cracking Russian espionage thriller from Archer. Keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first page and as usual with lots of twists. Bravo!"

"One of my all-time favourite reads! Love the twist and suspense and the story line. Well written and would make a great movie!"

"An amazing spy novel with as many harrowing plot twists as any James Bond thriller."

"I was gripped from the very first page..."

Reader Review

"What a wonderful story - I'd recommend it to anyone."

Reader Review

"Archer spins an excellent yarn, it's the kind of book I wanted to get back to."

"Absolutely brilliant story. How on earth Jeffrey Archer comes up with such intriguing plots, heaven only knows."

"Jeffrey Archer has a very creative mind and this novel lives up to his usual standards."

"My first Jeffrey Archer and what a page turner! Loved it from start to finish and was gripped until the final twist at the end!"

"I don't think you'll be disappointed if you buy this…"

"The cons of the con man are exciting, clever, and delightfully poetic."

"Mr Archer is the Master of his game!"

"The master storyteller is back. Number two in the William Warwick series and another brilliant, twisty, turny read."

"Jeffrey Archer is in my view the master storyteller."

"For Archer to bring the fictitious character of one of his fictitious characters to life is sheer genius!"

"Ah, it's so fantastic to sink into a tale woven by Jeffrey Archer."

"I loved it and will await the rest of the series with impatience."

"This book is classic Archer with plenty of twists and turns and red herrings and it is all told in such a thrilling way that you simply cannot put the book down until you have read it all. A definite must read."

"Juicy, fast-paced read with a fabulous twist. "

Daily Mirror

"Jeffrey is the consummate storyteller and his latest novel, Nothing Ventured [is] fast-paced and thrilling, with his trademark plot twists and cliff-hangers. "

Daily Mail

"A pacey tale of fakes, forgeries and ripped-off Rembrandts worthy of a TV crime caper."

Daily Express

"The story is so descriptive, informative, greatly entertaining and hilarious at times."

Reader Review

"I have read all 7 books and loved everyone. I have just finished the last one and couldn't stop crying. The books are really wonderful. "

"If the 'Clifton Chronicles' is ever made in a series of films I would be the first in the queue. Well done."

"Jeffrey Archer is such a wonderful expressive writer and enjoy all his novels."

"Five stars all the way for this wonderful book."

"A triumph for both the author and fiction as a whole."

"The grand finale at the conclusion of This Was A Man is possibly the most cleverly crafted ending I've ever read."

"A magnificent and masterful final chapter in the Clifton / Barrington saga. "

"The last chapter was so moving, I cried."

"With 7 books in this Clifton Chronicles, it is an epic, a family drama spanning a century. You grow to know them individually."

"I have been glued to my Kindle, reading all of Harry's adventures - wonderful cast - do hope someone takes this up to make a TV series. "

"I hate to wish my life away but am now counting the weeks until the next instalment! "

"I have absolutely loved this Clifton series and as each book finishes I just can't wait to start the next one."

"Sadly this book only kept me occupied for just over a day – unputdownable!"

"This is the fifth book in the Clifton series and it's an absolute cracker."

"Jeffrey Archer is a great storyteller… this series is by far the best he has ever written."

"This series is wonderful and engaging, I couldn't put it down. The only time I wasn't reading was when I fell asleep reading."

"There isn't one book of Jeffrey Archer that I haven't enjoyed. A truly remarkable storyteller."

"From the beginning one is aware that they are in the hands of an author who has perfected his craft, has a firm grasp of his characters and the plot."

"Loved it! Could not put it down. Should be made into a movie!"

"Be prepared to not be able to put this down till you hit the last line, on the last page... GREAT!"

"Jeffrey Archer has excelled himself, and that takes some doing!"

"Shall We Well The President is an absolute joy to read, gripping and full of suspense."

"It would make a gripping film along with the other two books."

"A masterclass in fast moving storytelling. Jeffrey Archer is at the top of his game and a fine exponent of his craft."

"Brilliant read that keeps you guessing to the end."

"It is gripping and surprising. Jeffrey Archer is a wonderful writer."

"It is a typical Archer novel, fast moving and uncomplicated. The subject is topical in today's climate and easy to relate to."

"I literally had tears running down my face after the final chapter! "

"This is one of those rare books I will keep with me forever. "

"Brilliant. I could not put this book down and devoured every word to the end."

"Amazing twists and turns, I could not put the book down. Took it everywhere with me. This is a must buy book. You will not regret this book."

"Kane and Abel is one of those timeless stories that packs an emotional punch which has lost none of its impact even though it was originally published some 40 years ago. Why? Because it is basically a tale of love, loyalty, pride and ambition."

"I first read this book when it first was published. Having read it and enjoyed it as much now as I did then I can only say that Jeffrey Archer is an excellent storyteller."

"Just as enjoyable as when I first read it over 30 years ago!!! I will continue to sing its praises forever."

"The storyline and pace are maintained throughout the book, and this provides a great sense of enjoyment."

"This book was amazing. I can rate it among the top 5 books ever read."

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