Jeffrey talks about The William Warwick Series

Jeffrey Archer talks about the The William Warwick Series.

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William Warwick

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Archer and I wanted to tell you about my new William Warwick series.

William was a young man who joined the Metropolitan Police, determined not to obey his father and go and read law at Cambridge., but to be a policeman on the beat.

That doesn’t last for long, because he’s quickly promoted and you will follow him through his life, every book being a separate story – where he’ll be a different rank and it’ll be a different crime.

For example, the first book, Nothing Ventured, he’s a police constable working on art fraud.

The latest one I’ve got to, number four, is Over My Dead Body, when he’s been promoted to Chief Inspector and he has to solve four murders.

Not easy, because they’re cold cases that no one has been able to get to the bottom of.

And after that, well, who knows?

Although the next book has just been handed in. Next in Line.

Thank you.

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