Jeffrey talks about Story Hub

Jeffrey talking about StoryHub – Short stories for filmmakers.

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StoryHub – Short Stories for filmmakers by Jeffrey Archer

Hi, my name is Jeffrey Archer, and in my lifetime, I have written 94 short stories. I love short stories. I come from an age when the great writers did write short stories. H H Monroe, Somerset Maughn, Scott Fitzgerald, Mo Paso. They all wrote short stories as well as novels.

Now, I’ve written 92 and made a decision at my in my old age I’m 82 years old made a decision. I’d like any young filmmaker, any young person who wants to experiment, learn their trade, do their thing, they’ll be able to get hold of any of my short stories.

And I can assure you, they’re filmic because they’ve come from real people. 66 of the 94 have come from real people telling me real stories. So they’d make a nice short film. So if you want to make one, you’re most welcome.

I’m going to charge you £1 for the privilege through my StoryHub program.

Pick the one you like, get your team together, and let me know.

And the way to do it is simple. You visit my StoryHub website to get more information and the contract and anything, and I wish you luck.

And when you’ve done it, I’d love to see it. So please get back in touch. Good luck.

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