Jeffery talks about Kane and Abel

Jeffrey Archer talks about his book Kane and Abel.

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Kane & Abel

She only stopped screaming when she died. It was then that he started to scream. And I pray that when you read that sentence you could follow him. The young boy coming through the forest heard the scream.

Not a scream he was used to. Not a scream he’d heard before. This wasn’t a sheep. This wasn’t a lamb. This wasn’t a… and then he saw the child.

And I’m trying in those first few moments to say, you’ve got this kid. You’re going to go with him. You do the first four pages until all you’ve got is the birth of the child. Nothing more. With the father, with the man in the cottage where he’s going to be brought up saying, what does it matter? He’ll be dead tomorrow.

And then you open the second chapter. With the words, William Lowe Kane was born in a hospital that had been built by his father.

Okay, we’ve got to follow this guy now.

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