Jeffrey talks about Paths of Glory (2009)

Jeffrey discusses Paths of Glory.

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Paths of Glory

For the last seven years I’ve been researching a novel that I’ve wanted to write all my life. The story of a very remarkable man, so although it’s a novel, it’s inspired by true events.

It’s a story of a man called George Mallory who decided in his youth he was going to be the first person to conquer Everest.

We know in 1924, that’s the same year as Chariots of Fire, we know that in 1924 he got within 620 foot of the summit.

Indeed he was seen disappearing into the clouds towards the peak, but we still don’t know.

It still remains a mystery whether this man dressed in a three -piece suit, wearing a hat and with him a rolled umbrella, reached the summit.

In 1999 they found his body and the first thing they did was remove the wallet from the body to find if the picture of his beloved wife Ruth, a truly beautiful woman, had been left on the top as he had promised or whether it was still in the wallet.

When they opened the wallet, no. I’ll wait. You can find it all in my latest novel, Paths of Glory.

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