Jeffrey talks about Honour Among Thieves

Jeffrey Archer talks about his book Honour Among Thieves.

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Honour Among Thieves

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Archer, and I wanted to write a story where I could humiliate the United States of America.

Now, we’ve seen, because of the history of that great country, how Presidents have been assassinated, wars have been declared, but the Americans always come out on top.

So I needed something a little different.

So I decided that Saddam Hussein would try to steal the declaration of Independence.

And then burn it in Baghdad with the whole world watching. But one young man discovers what he’s up to.

But time is against him.

He doesn’t have long to stop Saddam getting his hands on arguably the most amazing document on earth.

Does he make it? You’ll only find out if you read Honour Among Thieves.

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