Jeffrey talks about Cometh the Hour – The Clifton Chronicles 6

Cometh the Hour is the sixth and penultimate book in The Clifton Chronicles and, like the five previous novels, went to number one on the Sunday Times best-seller list.

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Cometh the Hour

The new book, Cometh the Hour, the sixth of the seven in The Clifton Chronicles is out.

I hope you enjoy it. If you’ve enjoyed the past books, the first five, this takes the family on, but there are even more triumphs and tragedies this time.

You will see Harry with massive problems of the publication of his Russian Friends book. You will see Emma problems at the hospital and problems with the family. You’ll see Sebastian at the bank again having problems, not helped by the wicked Lady Virginia who tries to bring them down again and then you’ll be introduced to the daughter, Jessica.

You’ll learn about her and what a fine artist she is, and the family goes on with triumphs and disasters.

Traditionally, The Clifton Chronicles has been set in Bristol. I’m a West Countryman, so I was happy writing in an area of the country I knew well. And of course, we’re now being introduced to different characters in the book.

You’ll meet Margaret Thatcher for the first time and you’ll see the life going on for Emma and for Harry and for Giles. So they will come (the triumphs and disasters). So don’t be too shocked when they do.

I think endings are a strange thing. You’re writing, you never know the end, or at least I never know the ending when I’m writing a book.

Frankly, I don’t know the middle. And as you get there, you’re putting all the threads together and you know you need something that will make the reader hate me because they’re desperate to get, one hopes, they’re desperate to get the next book.

If they’re not, they’re not going to buy the next book. So you put that together and you put it in an enticing way and in what the publishers weekly have called a killer ending.

Well, the killer ending comes that day if you’re lucky. And I was lucky.

The decision to bring out the two books in one year, the sixth and the final part in one year was a big decision.

And it arose in the stranger circumstances that I had finished the sixth book and decided to write chapter one of the seventh book so I could answer all the problems that had arisen in the sixth book. And I got so excited, I just went on writing.

So the readers will now get the first book now. You can get Cometh The Hour now and you will get This Was a Man in November.

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