Jeffrey talks about his Children’s Books

Jeffrey Archer talks about his children’s books.

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1980’s Children’s Books by Jeffrey Archer

Hi, my name is Jeffrey Archer and people sometimes ask me why I wrote children’s books. Truth is that when Kane and Abel came out in 1979, people were talking to them about your dad’s, an author. And they tried to read it, and of course, it was too much for them.

So I decided to sit down and write a book for my two children, William and James.

The first was Willie and the Killer Kipper.

The second was Willie Visits the Square World.

And the third was By Royal Appointment.

And by the time I’d finished, the three of them, they’d grown up. And, yes, they read Kane and Abel.

Still, if you have children, young children, I hope they’ll enjoy my children’s books.

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