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Get ready to be gripped! To celebrate the launch of Jeffrey Archer’s latest book, Over My Dead Body, he’s talking to guests from the worlds of literature, sport, politics and entertainment about the books and other cultural works that are deemed ‘unputdownable’. Episode 1, with Anthony Horowitz, coming soon.

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This is Jeffrey Archer.

I began my life as a politician, but I’m afraid it gave me up. So I turned to writing. And for the past 45 years, I’ve been writing books.

I’m not a writer, to be honest. I’m a storyteller.

I want to talk to you about something I’ve never done in my life before. So, for me, it’s an experiment, it’s a challenge. I’m going to have my own podcast – Unputdownable. During each of the podcasts, I will be asking fellow authors, friends, people I’ve admired over the years, to select a book that has influenced their life.

And then I’ll ask them to select something away from books. Might be a film, might be television. It might be a television series. It might be a theatre production that they just couldn’t resist. My guests will include people such as Barry Humphries, Ayesha Hazarika, Ravi Shastri, Lucy Foley, but to start the series, – Anthony Horowitz.

And naturally, I hope you’ll be able to join me and my very special guests while we celebrate. Well, who knows? A piece of art, an amazing piece of literature, something that makes our lives so rich.

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Thank you very much.

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