What are you working on next?

Jeffrey tells us about his latest book, The Sins of the Father – part two of the extraordinary Clifton Chronicles.

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What are you working on next? (5/5)

We’ve received, and by we I mean the publishers and myself, I don’t know how many thousand emails, either grumbling about the end of book one or teasing about the end of book one.

We’re now getting, which is so moving, is the only word

“When’s it coming out? When can I get to the book shop? When will I find out what’s happened to Harry?”

And I was so affected by these emails that they’re so desperate to find out. He’s gone to jail for a murder. He didn’t commit what’s going to happen.

I thought, we’ll end the second book in an even more evil way. And the emails will, because they’ll get the second book and think it’s all going to be solved. And then at the end of this second book, I hope, I hope, the emails will come flooding in saying,

I hate you, I’ve got to wait a year.

The challenge for me is that I set myself, which is such fun, is I don’t know the answer to the end of the second book. I set it up before I write the third book.

And that’s the challenge, is to set something that’s so complicated and such fun, that the reader says, how’s he going to get out of that?

And indeed, when anyone asks who’s had an early read of the draft, I often say,

“I don’t know yet, but I’ll know in a year’s time.“

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